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Linda Simpson

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"I am very proud to say that I was born and raised here on the beautiful Mendocino Coast and that I am a fourth-generation native from a large, local Italian family."

Here in my hometown I met Dale, my husband of 30 years, a contractor and a fine woodworker who is also a fourth-generation Coast native. His family homesteaded what is now known as Simpson Lane, still bearing the namesake of our forefathers. We live on what is left of the homestead, and it is thirteen acres of pure paradise. It is truly a blessing to work the same land that your great-grandparents tilled and planted generation after generation.

My great-grandfather emigrated from Lucca, Italy, and worked for years as a lead foreman loading schooner ships off the Mendocino bay. We are a close, happy family, and we are all very business-minded.

My passion is real estate. My husband and I are fortunate to own and manage several good quality rentals, which we rent out to students around the world who participate in the local Krenov Woodworker program at College of the Redwoods and the new Mendocino Coast Culinary Living Light Institute. I love the area and the community, so alive—It truly is a magical place to live.


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